Sunday, January 26, 2014

Carpet Cove Base

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Carpet Cove Base

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Carpet Binding Services, Carpet cove base is often specified by customers and designers in commercial and residential carpet installations. CBS cuts, binds and delivers carpet cove base to contractors and retail stores in the entire Washington, Maryland and Virginia area.
We are expanding our cove base business and will now ship to those customers outside the area. Carpet can be shipped to us directly from the manufacturer. Please contact us with your quantity, size and time requirements so we can work with you to complete your job to satisfy your schedule. See Carpet cove base
  • Carpet cove base is the latest room enhancement that is being used by more businesses and interior designers;
  • Carpet cove base is a great alternative to wood or vinyl baseboards in most any commercial installation including hotels and public buildings;
  • Carpet cove base is beautiful and will always match your carpet, because the cove base is your carpet; See more.......


  1. Very helpful and complete post. Gave me just what I needed to complete my carpet cove base project. Thanks! Just one thing smile and have fun with your carpet.

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